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“She Led a Contemplative Life”

Contemplative – it seems to be the latest buzz word. It is pronounced differently today than back in my day. Back then, (and no, it wasn’t in the dark ages), the accent was on the syllable “pla” so that it sounded like contemplaaative. Now the accent is on “temp” so it sounds like conTEMPlative. Same word, different accents, same meaning.

Mirriam-Webster defines contemplative as: given to or marked by long, quiet thinking; involving, allowing or causing deep thought; devoted to religious thought and prayer.

I recently started working on Sunday mornings as the lead teacher for the 2-year-olds at a local church. They have a time of fellowship before the worship service begins, and they bring in a coffee truck for members to purchase a cup of coffee or tea while they mingle and talk with other members and visitors. If one works or volunteers with the children, one’s coffee is free. As I stood in line to get my coffee, a woman walked up to me, introduced herself, told me she was part of the prophetic ministry at this church and asked if I would mind if she gave me a prophecy. (Please keep reading! This is not a blog about whether or not prophesy is real, for today, etc.) I told her I didn’t mind and she proceeded to tell me that she believed the Lord wanted me to know that He has a time of refreshing for me, that it will be like I’m standing under a waterfall and refreshing, renewal and rest will flood over me. She ended by saying that this time of refreshing is near. I thanked her and she walked away.

You are probably wondering what that prophecy has to do with being contemplative. Keep reading – I’m getting there.

On the Tuesday following that Sunday, I heard a devotion and the speaker used St. Judith of the 14th century as an example. One sentence stood out to me: “She led a contemplative life.” It immediately occurred to me that is one way for a time of refreshing to occur. Not that I have to manufacture a time of refreshing – God will bring it to pass in His timing. But spending more time in thought, prayer, journaling, reading the Bible can prepare me for that time of refreshing.

What does this have to do with you? I don’t know of anyone who is not crazy-busy these days and with the holidays just around the corner, will be even busier. Who among us could not use more quiet time? What if we begin today spending more time in thought, prayer, journaling and reading the Bible–how would that change our daily lives? Yes, we may have to give up some things to do this – TV, social media and other distractions – but I am sure if we do give up those things, God will meet us in our contemplation.

So, who will join me in leading a contemplative life?

Please leave a comment to let me know you are joining me.

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Old, New, Surprise! Surprise!

I am an old writer. Not old in years – – well, not too old, anyway. But old in the sense that I’ve been writing for a long time. I began journaling at least 15 years ago. I haven’t journaled everyday of those 15 years, but enough to have accumulated quite a few spiral-bound notebooks full of my random and not-so-random thoughts. The good thing about keeping a journal is it won’t talk back. It won’t give you its opinion or tell you what you are doing wrong. The bad thing about keeping a journal is it won’t talk back. “People Need Other People” is an old song (yes, I realize I’m close to giving my age away). This song title says it all. We need each other. We need to hear the voice of reason from our best friend, or parents and yes, sometimes the voice of reason comes from our children. And we need to be hugged, or at least be affectionately touched. Scientific research has shown that every individual needs a minimum of 10 positive touches a day. So, go hug your kids. And your spouse. You will be glad you did.

Ah, but I digress.

I am a new writer. About 18 months ago, God spoke to me as I was reading His Word and journaling and He said I was to begin writing. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I’ve always said “I’m not creative. When God was passing out the creativity genes, He passed right by me without stopping.” But the thought would not leave me. I took four online creative writing classes and I’ve never looked back. Which leads me to…

Surprise! Surprise! Imagine my total shock when I received an email yesterday that one, possibly two, of the short stories I had entered into a contest had made it to the short list. I was, and still am, very surprised. To be this new in the writing arena and have one of the first things I wrote make it onto the short list of a prestigious contest is nothing short of amazing. To me, at least. But not to God. After all, He gave me that creativity.

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