A Tribute to My Son

Today, May 3, 2019, my son, Anthony Kyle Bond, will walk across the stage and receive his Master’s Degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, as we call it here in Georgia. (He officially finishes in August, but GA Tech does not have a summer graduation ceremony, so they allow summer graduates to “walk” in the spring cremony.)

When Kyle graduated from high school, he went to University of West Georgia and completed his freshman year. He came home one weekend at the end of that academic year and told me that a Marine recruiter was coming to see me and his dad the following week. His dad came down and the recruiter showed up. In his dress blues, no less. Kyle wanted to be a Marine. Within a few short weeks, we dropped him off at the recruiter’s office to catch a bus to Parris Island. Thus began nine long years of service to his country. He went to Iraq twice. Both times he left, I was there, along with the rest of the family, to see him leave. I trusted God for his safety, as I do today. Both times he came home, I was there, grateful to God for his return. He finished his Marine duty in New Orleans, where he met Angela. He called me one night and told me he had met “the one.” When he moved back to Georgia, she followed soon after and I saw why she was, and is, “the one.” They married, and one year ago, on February 19, Maverick Grant Bond was born.

Kyle has experienced many things in his life so far, most of which, the rest of us will not experience. He has grown into a wonderful man, husband, father and son. And so, today, I pay tribute to my son, Anthony Kyle Bond.

Congratulations, Son. I am so very proud of you and I love you very much!



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  1. That’s a wonderful tribute, Edwina, and Kyle sounds like a remarkable man! Congrats!

    Best regards,

    Sent on the go. Please excuse any brevity and/or typos.

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