Book Review: God’s Notes: Daily Devotions of Divine Encouragement

So many times, our writings, especially nonfiction, come from a place of hurt and a place of healing. Such is the case of Jackie Trottman’s “God’s Notes: Daily Devotions of Divine Encouragement.” The introduction tells the reader of some of the things that Jackie has gone through in her life. It is a moving, touching story that eventually led to the writing of this devotional book.

The chapters in the book are divided by themes: how God speaks to us, how he leads and guides us, how he restores us and how he empowers us. Each devotion is arranged alphabetically within each chapter and each devotion is written as if it is God speaking. The chapters and themes are arranged so that the reader can start in the chapters where they need help, or of course, can read the book straight through.

The devotions offer comfort, encouragement, and healing. They reassure the readers that God loves us unconditionally and He has not forsaken us.

I highly recommend “God’s Notes” to those who need healing and comfort, but also for those who are looking for meaningful, but short, devotions.

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