Book Review: Bruised But Not Broken

Sheryl Beck-Nelson’s book, Bruised But Not Broken – The Journey from Heartache to Healing, is a candid look at her life beginning on February 26, 2012, the day her husband, Rich, had chest pains, through the hours and hours of his heart surgery, through the many hours of watching and waiting, until February 28, 2012, when he went to be with the Lord. She walks the reader through her grief, through decisions that had to be made, from planning the memorial service to where she and her son, Mathew, would stay. She does all of this in the first 21 pages of the book. The remainder of the book covers the healing process she went through – how God walked with her through that period, the blessings He bestowed upon her, and the things she learned.

This book is one of the most inspiring and motivating books I’ve ever read. Based completely on Biblical teachings, Ms. Beck-Nelson shares what she learned during this time, and she urges the readers to apply the lessons she learned to their lives. She encourages us to dream big and extravagantly, to discover the purpose God has for our lives and to follow Him.

This book will certainly help someone who has suffered a great loss, as Ms. Beck-Nelson did. But the book’s reach is far greater as it will benefit everyone who reads it.

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