BOOK REVIEW:Never the Twain

Delia Latham has written Book 2 of the Hummingbird Hollow series, “Never the Twain,” and it is just as charming as Book 1, “Hummingbird Kisses.”

Inn the Hollow is a beautiful inn located in the middle of Hummingbird Hollow and is surrounded by  gorgeous flowers, gardens, and a lush, green forest. Inn the Hollow is owned by Toni Littlebird, a Native American, who has the “gift” of communicating with the thousands of hummingbirds that live in the hollow. It’s almost spiritual to watch her talk to and “listen” to the hummingbirds.

Cass Townsend has been forced by her family to take a two-week vacation from the family business before total burn-out takes over.

Ryder Hayes is hoping to buy an Arabian Horse located on a ranch not too far from Hummingbird Hollow.

Both have reservations at Inn the Hollow.

Cass is Miss Propriety – almost to perfection, if such a thing were possible. Never a hair out of place and always dressed for the occasion. A savvy business woman, she never relaxes.

Ryder is a fun-loving, hard-working down-to-earth kinda guy. He loves to joke, but is a true gentleman.

When the two meet, sparks began to fly.

“Never the Twain” is a delightful story–one that the reader will long remember after the last page. I highly recommend this book!

This book was given to me by the author for the sole purpose of reading and writing a review. The opinions expressed in this review are the reviewer’s only.



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