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Book Review: Sacred Rest

Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

When I saw that Sacred Rest was available for review, I immediately responded that I wanted to read this book and write a review. I am a “self-diagnosed” insomniac and for years have searched for methods that would help me sleep. So I was interested to see if this book offered any solutions that I had not come upon. I was not disappointed.

Sacred Rest is, in my opinion, a ground-breaking book. Dr. Dalton-Smith uses her own experiences with exhaustion and near burn-out, proving that she not only knows of what she speaks in a clinical sense, but also in a personal sense.

The book is divided into three sections: 1) “Why Rest?” wherein Dr. Dalton-Smith discusses the practical aspects of rest; 2) “The Gifts of Rest” covers the spiritual aspects of rest; and 3) “The Promises of Rest” where the reader is challenged to explore each type of rest further.

Dr. Dalton-Smith offers an assessment at the back of the book, which she encourages the reader to complete as it will show the reader what types of rest in which they are experiencing a deficit. After taking the assessment, the reader returns to the section where Dr. Dalton-Smith discusses each type of rest, offering ways to replenish each type.

Sacred Rest is packed with information and should be read slowly so the reader can absorb the information and incorporate it into their lives. For those who have trouble sleeping, for whatever reason, this book will be life-changing.



Book Review: Time and Tide

Time and Tide is a spell-binding story, not just of love, but of healing, recovery, and redemption. It is a story that kept me reading late into the night.

Chad Cusher is a recovering addict who has moved to Moanna Island from Atlanta, where his addiction caused him to have a car accident, almost killing him and another person. He is at Moanna Island to continue his recovery from the addiction as well as from the accident.

Ryan Mason is a born-and-bred Moannanite who left college and moved back home to help her father take care of her brother who is schizophrenic and in a rehab center.

Although Ryan is not aware of it at the time, she and Chad first cross paths at the rehab center. A few days later, Chad sees her on Moanna Island, introduces himself and thus, begins a friendship that soon develops into more.

This is the second book by Kristen Terrette that takes place on Moanna Island. From the description of the Island, I wish it were a real location!

Ms. Terrette deals with the addiction problem and the schizophrenia with such gentle grace and offers hope that there is recovery, and most importantly, redemption through God for these and all issues that we face in life.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to future books by Ms. Terrette.


Book Review: Only a Heartbeat Away

Only a Heartbeat awayJulianna Desmond has written a delightful love story “Only a Heartbeat Away.” It is the story of Georgia Adler, a novelist whose debut novel has captivated the nation. It is the story of Grayson Chambers, former model, now philanthropist. The two meet under rather unusual circumstances, but immediately there is an undeniable chemistry. The chemistry is tempered with discussions their shared faith and belief in God.

The story begins in Manhattan, winds its way through numerous cities as Georgia does her first book tour, which ends in Atlanta, Georgia. From there she finally arrives at her home town, Harbor Cove. It’s always enjoyable to read a book that is located in one’s home state and city. Ms. Desmond did a remarkable job in her accuracy of locales and landmarks in the state.

This book was a relaxing and enjoyable read. I highly recommend that you add it to your summer reading list.


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