Book Review: Thee Will I Honor

Thee Will I Honor, by JoAnn Durgin, has all the elements that her readers love about her books: a Christian message, a sweet romance, wonderful characters and beautiful scenery. In Thee Will I Honor, Ms. Durgin has incorporated mystery and intrigue, which brought a new level of enjoyment to this reviewer.

First Lieutenant Matthew Martin served his country well during two tours in Afghanistan, but returned home to Meadowvale, Virginia, with an injury to his leg, effectively ending his military career.

Lesley Ann Randall is speeding through Meadowvale in a red Mercedes when she is stopped by the local sheriff. Rather than issue her a ticket, he assigns her community service. She decides that Meadowvale is just as good a location as anywhere else to serve her purposes, so she agrees to stay in Meadowvale and perform community services.

Lesley and Matt meet and as they say, “the rest is history.” But an interesting history it is. Sparks fly immediately when they meet, and the attraction grows stronger every day. As they become even closer, Lesley reveals to Matt the real reason she is in Meadowvale. Her story is disturbing, intriguing, mysterious, and is taken from current events happening today.

I highly recommend Thee Will I Honor. It will be a great beach/vacation read!




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