Thankful for Family!

I am thankful for my family!

I am thankful for my parents, both of whom are in heaven now. I’m thankful that they raised my sister and me in a Christian home, teaching us the values they lived every day. I love you, Mother and Daddy, and I miss you every hour of every day! I look forward to seeing you again some day!

I have a husband who loves me with all of his heart – even when I’m at my craziest, which these days, seems to be all the time! He is my best friend, my soul mate. You’ve heard the phrase, “a marriage made in heaven,” well, that’s us. In the twelve years we’ve been married, we have gone through so much–some things that might have driven other couples apart–he stood strong and we are closer today than ever before. I love you, forever and always!

I am thankful for my children! And I’m so very proud of them both. Their “growing up years” were not easy, but they persevered in their own ways and today, they are strong, successful adults – not just professionally, but just as important, they are successful personally, as well. I love both of you so much!

I am also thankful for my daughter-in-love and son-in-love, (I don’t like the term in-law)! Both have brought their unique personalities into our family,¬†bringing more laughter and joy! I love you both!

I’m thankful for my grandson! Since the day he was born, he has been God’s blessing to our entire family. And even though he chose a path that no one would want for their grandchildren, he is still and always will be God’s blessing to us. I love you with all my heart and I look forward to the things that God is going to do in your life!

I’m thankful for my sister and her husband! They have supported me throughout the years with their prayers and encouragement. They’ve always been there for me, even when they had challenging situations in their life. I love you both and thank God for you!

And finally, I’m thankful for all of my relatives–aunts, uncles, cousins–each and every one of you. You’ve all played an important role in my life at different times and I will always be grateful! Love to each one of you!


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