Book Review: By Grace Draw Near

By Grace Draw Near: A Contemporary Christian Romance (The Wondrous Love Series, Book 3) by [Durgin, JoAnn]
 In her latest book, By Grace Draw Near, JoAnn Durgin has once again written a book that captivates the reader from the first line to the closing sentence.

This book is number three in  The Wonderous Love Series. By Grace Draw Near can be read as a stand-alone book but I encourage you to read the first two books of the series. In Book One, Love So Amazing, we meet Sawyer and Ava. In Book Two, we are introduced to Chase and Heather. And in Book Three, We meet Eric and Grace. It’s great to have background information on the first two couples, as they all have a role in Book Three.

One of the most enjoyable features in all of JoAnn Durgin’s books is getting to know the characters. Drawn from her heart, and I believe her love for God, JoAnn’s characters leap to life as soon as they are introduced in the book. Eric and Grace, in By Grace Draw Near,  are no different. Full of life and happiness and love for the Lord, Eric sets out to pursue the aloof Grace. And Grace, hurt in the past and determined to not make that mistake again, tries to avoid Eric. But God has other plans.

Set in Indianapolis, a city with which JoAnn is very familiar, By Grace Draw Near, reminds each of us of God’s love for us, His faithfulness to us and His perfect timing for His perfect will in our lives.

This is the book you need for that cold Sunday afternoon in the middle of the holiday craziness, with your favorite cup of tea and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Enjoy!




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