BOOK REVIEW: Restless for More: Fulfillment in Unexpected Places

In her latest book, Restless for More: Fulfillment in Unexpected Places, author Heidi McLaughlin has struck a chord with the majority of women everywhere. At some point, and perhaps more than once, most women go through a period of restlessness. With openness and vulnerability, Ms. McLaughlin writes from her own experiences. She speaks of the reasons we are restless and how we attempt to fulfill that emptiness, answer that restless feeling by shopping, or eating, or having more, or doing more, or accomplishing more. The fulfillment we receive from these various activities, if we receive any, is short-lived and we find ourselves more restless than ever.

Ms. McLaughlin proceeds to give us thirteen unusual and unexpected places to find fulfillment, such as a place of grace, wherein she gives us practical advice: to get the proper amount of rest; eat nutritous meals; slow down. Equally important, she offers spiritual advice: spend time with God–in prayer, in His word, in quiet times. In this time, He will restore your soul and you will have true fulfillment.

Other areas that Ms. McLaughlin states we can find fulfillment are through solitude; through God’s extravagant love; through honoring one another; blessing one another and many more.

At the end of each chapter, Ms. McLaughlin includes a section titled “S.T.O.P. and Ask God to Fulfill Your Soul.” The letter ‘S’ is for Scripture; ‘T’ for Thanksgiving; ‘O’ is for Observation; and ‘P’ for Prayer. These sections are an excellent way to close each chapter.

I’ve always heard it said that “a book is judged by its cover.” That is the only criticism I have for Restless for More. Although the cover conveys the message of a woman being in a hurry, I don’t think it is a true representation of the title. The cover is not appealing and looks incomplete.


I was given a free copy of this book for my honest review. I was not influenced by anyone’s opinion nor does this review reflect the opinion of the publisher.



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