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In Tim Tebow’s latest book, Shaken, he writes of his time in the NFL as a quarterback. He has dreamed of being a quarterback all of his life. Yet, his dream never came to full fruition. Yes, he played for the Patriots. And the Broncos. And the Jets. And for one game, the Eagles. With honesty and vulnerability, Tim talks about his disappointments after each trade, of the incredibly critical and very ugly comments made, and of the media who dogged his every step.

Shaken is not a rehash of Tebow’s experiences in the NFL. He uses those situations to talk about his reactions-what he did, how he felt, what he thought. And more importantly, what he learned about himself and about God.

With a deep and profound insight, Tim demonstrates to the reader how to discover, and hold onto, their true identity even in the midst of life’s cruelest times. He does this not only by sharing his experiences but also by using relevant Biblical scriptures and stories. He poignantly relates stories of people who have discovered their true identity while they are literally in a fight for their life. Their stories will make you smile, move you to tears and remind you how life is more precious than you think.

I believe Shaken is one of the best books in this decade on finding your true identity. I highly recommend you read this book. It has the power to change your life.

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