Reactions to “Outspoken!”

I’ve been amazed at the reaction I’ve gotten to this blog on FaceBook – so many women agree that they are just like me – they speak their mind and let the chips fall wherever.

One friend posted, “My grandmom says, “when you get a certain age, the Lord allows you to “help” people with your strong language.” So see there, you are helping people.”

Another friend declared it’s an “epidemic!”

And then there was this lovely comment left on my blog page: “Hi Edwina – Your grandmother sounds like she was a beautiful and talented woman.
And your wedding dress sounds like it was stunning!
I can so relate to this post! I grew up in New Orleans where everyone just says what they think and there are no hard feelings. When I moved away from New Orleans, I quickly learned that other places weren’t like that and I had to tone it down.
Now I am over 6o and I find myself reverting back to my younger days of speaking my mind. I do try to do it with tact and with respect to others’ opinions – but the older I get the harder it seems to be to keep my opinions to myself! And like you, I do it simply because I’m tired of not doing it🙂”

In my reply to the above comment, it occurred to me and I wrote, “Maybe it’s not so much to do with age as it is with the freedom of being at a  point in our lives where we can speak our mind without being concerned about trying to impress other people. We’ve reached the age where we’re comfortable with who we are and we hope others are comfortable with who we are – but if they’re not, that’s okay too. 😉

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