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I always thought that as I grew older, I would become more mellow. That things wouldn’t bother me so much. That I would “go with the flow” as my husband always says. Over the last few months, I have realized the exact opposite is true. I say what I think and let the chips fall where they may. You’ve heard of “open mouth, insert foot?” It means that
“you’ve said something that was inappropriate and probably embarrassing.” Well, my saying is “open mouth, insert both feet!”

I shouldn’t be surprised by my lack of speaking control. My maternal grandmother was a wonderful Christian woman and mother. She lived an exemplary Christian life. Her husband, my grandfather, died when my mom was only three months old. My grandmother raised four kids by working in the local cotton mill and “taking in” sewing. She was a fabulous seamstress and sewed beautifully. In fact, she designed and made my wedding dress. Thousands of seed pearls hand sewn onto the dress in a floral pattern–down the front and around the hem. It was, in a word, stunning. (Unfortunately I did not inherit any of those genes.)

But, I digress.

My grandmother had congestive heart failure. She was never diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, but as the congestive heart failure progressed, she became belligerent at times. She would refuse her medications and if anyone insisted, she would look them straight in the eyes and in no uncertain terms and with a few four-letter words thrown in, let it be known that she would not be taking those pills! Her four-letter words would make a sailor look like a saint. But at least she had a reason. Or we blamed it on her being sick.

I don’t have a good reason for my outspokenness. I don’t even have a reason. I’m just tired of keeping my opinons to myself. So I say what I think. Hopefully, with tact.

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Book Review: Gentle Like the Rain

In Gentle Like the Rain, JoAnn Durgin has written a beautiful love story about Isabella and Sidney. It is also a love story of God pursuing Sidney and Sidney searching for God. When he finds Him, it is in a very dramatic, “can’t-put-this-book-down kind” of way.

Gentle Like the Rain is Book Two of the Heart Design series, but can be read as a stand alone. If you want to read a sweet love story, or more importantly, if you are looking for God, I can highly recommend  Gentle Like the Rain.