Book Review: Enchantment

Okay. I’ll confess – I messed up. 

“What??” you say.

“I know. Shocking, isn’t it?!”  

Seriously, I really did mess up recently.

If you read my blog this past Monday, you will know that I reviewed Abide by JoAnn Durgin. Abide is the latest book in the Lewis Legacy Series. If you’ve not read this book – it is a “must” read. In our back-and-forth emails to discuss JoAnn’s interview (which appeared on this blog post on Friday, July 15), JoAnn happened to mention that she never saw my review on Enchantment. (the book in the Lewis Legacy Series that was published just before Abide.) I thought to myself “that can’t be right. I’m caught up on the reviews I needed to write for JoAnn.” But I told her I would check on the situation. Imagine my embarrassment when I looked at my Kindle and realized that not only had I not written a review, I had not finished reading the book! I apologized profusely to JoAnn, explaining how I had no idea why I had not finished reading the book. I promised her I would have the review written by the end of this week. So, here it is!

The beauty of a series is that the reader has a lot of time to get to know the characters. It is heartwarming to “watch” the characters grow and develop from book to book. JoAnn has this wonderful ability to include her characters from one book to the next. Even though they may not be the hero/heroine of the book, she brings them in effortlessly so that the reader not only remembers the characters but also enjoys learning what’s “happened in their lives” since we read about them last. 

Enchantment brings all of the TeamWork Missions Volunteers that we met in earlier books together again, along with a few new faces. Their two-week mission takes place in  Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they help the One Nation Under God congregation of Native American Christians work on their church building. 

In Enchantment, we meet back up with Eliot Marchand, who was introduced to us in Book Two Second Time Around  and we are reacquainted with Marta Holcomb, who we met in Book 3, Twin Hearts. These two have “danced” around each other ever since they met, flirting, yet not together long enough to know if anything will develop from the flirting. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Scenery, characters, action, adventure, love–all written with passion and care. And overriding all is the message of God’s love and his faithfulness to lead and guide us. 

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Enchantment to you! 








2 thoughts on “Book Review: Enchantment”

  1. Lovely to wake up to this on a Friday morning. Thank you so much, Edwina! And you didn’t mess up at all. That thing called “life” can “mess” with all of us at times. I love that you’re a woman of your word, and if only more people were, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for being wonderful YOU! Blessings, and thanks again.

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