Christians, Politics and the Media

If I have ever written a blog regarding politicians and/or political matters, I don’t recall it. I stay out of political conversations. I don’t share my opinion on political candidates or political matters. I do believe that it is every American’s responsibility to vote. You have the responsibility to vote and the right and privilege to vote for whomever you choose. However, something came up a few weeks ago which, to my knowledge, the media has completely ignored. I don’t always hear/watch the news, but I suspect I am correct in saying the media largely ignored this event.

Several weeks ago, I received an email from Ben Carson. He shared that Donald Trump would be meeting with high-level Christian leaders sometime in the next few weeks and he wanted to know if I had a question or comment for Mr. Trump. “What an opportunity,” I thought.

I had plenty I wanted to say, but knew I needed to keep it short if I stood a chance of having the question asked. Here’s what I wrote:

 “To date, I’ve not heard Mr. Trump share any plans he would implement if elected President, except to build a wall at the US/Mexico border. Our nation faces far greater problems than illegal immigrants. Mr Trump has offended almost every segment of mankind with his ridiculous behavior and incredibly rude comments. So, given these facts: 1) apparently he doesn’t have any plans to “make America great again,” (or if he does, the announcement of those plans have been obliterated by his rhetoric), and 2) he can’t seem to control himself – behavior and mouth –  how does he plan to lead this country? What is he going to do that will “make this country great again?”

Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns and present my question.

Today, I received another email from Ben Carson, reporting on this meeting between Trump and the high-level Christian leaders. Here’s what he said:

I bring this matter to your attention not because I do or do not support Donald Trump. I bring it to your attention just so you will know it took place. Because the liberal media will not mention it or will only give a brief mention buried in between items that are more controversial, more scintillating, and items that will raise their ratings.

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