Book Review: A Home of Her Own

When reviewing books in the past, I have admitted that the historical category of books is not my favorite. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the genre – I just happen to like the contemporary category better.

I may have to change my mind, however, after having read Keli Gywn’s A Home of Her Own. Ms. Gwyn easily transports the reader back to the late 1800’s with her accurate description of that time and of the region of Diamond Springs. The story takes place on an apple farm  and Ms. Gwyn shares a wealth of information about growing and harvesting different types of apples. The authenticity of the historical aspect of the book really makes the reader want to learn more about that time and place in American history.

The heroine of the story, Becky, has fled a bad situation at home and travels across the country to California to care for the hero’s mother, who is suffering from cancer. James and Becky are attracted to one another, but as in any good love story, there are obstacles to overcome, including a challenge from the local doctor for Becky’s attention.

Although some of the lessons learned by James and Becky were hard, it was delightful to watch these characters grow as the story moved forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Home of Her Own and highly recommend you add it to your summer reading list!


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