Make It Matter Monday! on Tuesday ;)

A day late and a dollar short…. šŸ˜‰

Years ago after my divorce, I told some friends that I was done with dating, romance, love and marriage. From that point on, it would be God, family and friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Little did I know that God had other ideas.

Fast forward about five or six years…

I am a wedding planner/coordinator and was preparing for a wedding that I would not only coordinate but also serve asĀ an attendant. A dear friend, Randi, was also an attendant and I mentioned to her that I wished I had someone to accompany me to the wedding and reception.

“I wouldn’t mind an occasional dinner out or a movie, but I’m definitely not looking for someone to get serious about, let alone, marry.”

“You know my track record,” RandiĀ replied. “I’ve prayed for people to find “significant others” and that has happened almost 100% of the time.”

“Okay. Pray for someone who wants to go to dinner or an occasional movie.”

A few days later, Randi called me and had the “perfect person.”

That perfect person was Dave Cowgill and we’ve been married now for almost twelve years. You see, God really did have a different plan. And it was so much better than my plan!

Dave loves me for who I am, and in spite of all my many flaws. He supports me in whatever I do, encourages me to try new things, watches over me, holds me when I cry, and laughs at my silly comments. He provides for me and the most important thing, he prays for me. Daily. Probably more than once a day.

Dave is my friend, my husband, my soul mate. My love. And I am eternally grateful that God had other plans!


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