What Was Mary Thinking?


As I mentioned on the first day of these Advent Blogs, I have posted these every year since, I think, 2009. So you’d think I would have the days and dates lined up. But no. That would make my life too easy! ūüėČ I’m sure most of you have figured out that I am 2 days off with the Advent blogs. ¬†So today, I’m writing about Mary. It’s possible there will not be a blog tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15, as I am having a minor medical procedure. Then we will be back on track on Wednesday, December 16, with Day 16.

Today, I would like for us to think for a few minutes about Jesus’ mother, Mary.¬†So young – some accounts say 13 years old, some say 16. No matter -either age is too young.

Can you feel her fear? How can I possibly bear the Son of God?  How can I, just a simple girl, raise the Son of God?

I suspect¬†she was ostracized from her community – pregnant and not married? How could she? Can you feel her loneliness? ¬†Why won’t anyone speak to me? I’ve done nothing wrong. But then…they don’t know that.

Mothers, can you feel her heart? She is full of love for the child she has yet to see, but perhaps she wondered what would be expected of her as his mother. After all, it’s not everyday that a woman finds out that she is bearing the Son of God.

No one asks these and other questions as eloquently as Mark Lowry. Mark wrote “Mary, Did You Know?”¬†I was¬†privileged to hear and see him perform it live at the Women of Faith Conference in Birmingham last month. It is an incredible song and no one sings it like Mark does. May you be blessed by the words and by Mark’s rendition. (Click on the underlined title. Directly about that, a popup will appear that says “YouTube – watch.” Click on that and the video should start. Sorry about the Star Wars ad – couldn’t get rid of it!)

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