BOOK REVIEW: “Every Girl Gets Confused” by Janice Thompson

If you are looking for a light-hearted romance, packed full of humor, look no further. Every Girl Gets Confused  by Janice Thompson is exactly the book you want to read. Although, the book can be read as a stand alone, it is my humble opinion that you will enjoy this book so much more if you read the first book in the “Brides with Style” series Every Bride Needs a Groom. Most of the characters in Book 2 are introduced in Book1. So it gives you a head start on who everyone is and who they’re married to, and how they are related  to most everyone else in town. Okay, so there’s my shameless plug for Book 1. 

Janice bases the chapter titles on the songs and movies of Doris Day. This added feature makes the book even more fun to read for those of us young enough to remember Doris.

As you might guess by the title, our heroine, Katie Fisher, must choose between the boyfriend who dumped her, but now wants her back, and the new love of her life, Brady James, professional basketball player for the Mavericks, currently sidelined with an injured knee. While waiting for surgery, Brady is helping out at his mom’s bridal salon, Cosmopolitan Bridal. As one can imagine, the bantering back and forth and the competition between the two men increases as the story progresses. Herein lies the confusion on Katie’s part. Who does she want? Who does she need? Who does she love? Obviously, I’m not telling you! Buy the book…enjoy the read…and find out who Katie picks.

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