The Strength to Forgive by Missy Tippens

I am delighted to welcome Missy Tippens to musingsofedwina.com today. Missy and I met through American Christian Fiction Writers several years ago. I know you will be blessed by her post today.

I love a good celebration, and I’m thrilled to be part of this 600th blog celebration! Edwina, thank you for inviting me to be a part.

The Strength to Forgive

Forgiveness seems to be a theme of mine. I see it come up again and again in my stories. So today, I thought I would share a little about how I came up with my most recent story from Love Inspired. When I first thought of writing my new book, The Doctor’s Second Chance, I had the idea to pair up a strong, driven professional woman with a laid back, outdoorsy man who gets thrown into an unusual situation (a fish-out-of-water story). After a lot of brainstorming, I ended up writing my heroine, Violet Crenshaw, as a driven pediatrician who’s forced to help a man she doesn’t like, a man who thinks the worst of her. My hero of the story is general contractor Jake West, whose cousin leaves him with her newborn baby. And he needs Violet’s help.

Violet had a terrible falling out with her family in her late teens, forcing her to achieve her dreams of being a doctor on her own. She stood strong and worked her way through college and medical school. Now she’s bought her own small, private practice and wants to help kids in a small town setting. She never hesitates to help the sweet baby Jake has brought to her, even if it means dealing with the uncle.

Throughout the story, Violet shows strength. One of her biggest steps is to learn to forgive and to move past old hurts. Without giving away too much, I’ll just say I think you’ll enjoy watching Violet push through her problems and learn and grow. And maybe even fall in love!

Do you think it takes strength to forgive?

The Doctor’s Second Chance                 

Book Cover Blog

The Bachelor’s Baby 

Jake West’s troubled cousin leaves him with a most unusual parting gift—her newborn baby girl! And now the small-town contractor is forced to seek help from the very woman he resents—the new big-city pediatrician who practically stole his uncle’s practice, Violet Crenshaw. Violet knows she shouldn’t be consorting with the enemy. But she can’t resist the adorable baby and her handsome new caretaker. Violet traded her chance at motherhood for her career years ago. But raising a family with Jake could be everything she’s ever wanted.

 (This is Edwina: Don’t you just love, love, love that baby’s face?!!)

Connect with Missy at www.missytippens.com and sign up for her newsletter.

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