Abbey’s Quilt by Guest Blogger Shirley Specht Johnson

I am honored to have as my guest today Shirley Specht Johnson. Shirley is a member of WordGirls and has written a sweet story with an excellent lesson. I know you will be blessed as you read Abbey’s Quilt.

Abbey’s Quilt


Shirley Specht Johnson

Abbey’s sixteenth birthday fell in the middle of the week on a school day. The plans for celebrating were a long way off for Abbey. The weekend.

The hand stitched kitchen curtains on the backdoor welcomed Abbey home after a long day at school. Abbey opened the door.


                                                                                                                                                                           “In here, Abigail.”

The distinct flavors of mom’s chicken and dumpling soup floated through the air.

“How was school, Abigail?”  

“Long and boring. Is the soup ready?”  

“Oh, Abigail, be patient. Things take time.”    

“I enjoyed our birthday breakfast,” Abigail’s mom continued. “How is your birthday today?”    

                                                                                                                                                                      “O.K. I guess. I wish it was the weekend.”  

“Well put your things away, dinner will be ready soon.”

Abigail tossed her books on the dining room table.


“Alright, I’ll take them to my room.”  

She picked up the books and carried them down the hall towards her room.

As she walked into her room she noticed a new blanket on her bed. A quilt. A very plain piece of paper rested on the sea of colors. It was a note. A note from mom. The note was as simple as the piece of paper it was written on. It said “Happy Birthday, Love Mom.”

She took a second look at the quilt. She noticed mom’s hand stitching. The colors in the quilt captured her eyes. The fabric was clothes she had outgrown through the years. Love embraced Abbey’s heart for a moment.

Her mind distracted her with questions.


“Did she make it when I was at school?”


“Did she stay up late and sew?”


“Where did she keep the fabric?”


“How long has she been planning it?”


“How did she know what to keep and what to throw away?”


Many years would go by and Abbey grew. Life would often hand Abigail moments of waiting, moments of enduring, but she no longer had questions. The memories of the quilt brought strength and understanding. The pieces were selected carefully and cut so they would fit together. Some of the stitches were hidden yet they were some of the strongest. A variety of threads were chosen to match each garment. Abbey knew that those quilted stiches were so much more than decorative stitches. She knew in the hidden hours her mom was thinking about her, praying for her. The moments in her life were stitched together and they matched perfectly.

The quilt was a treasure in Abbey’s life. The words of her mom rested upon her heart. They appeared when she needed them most.

“Oh, Abigail. Be Patient. Things take time.”

God knows what we need to hold us together. He knows what to keep and what to discard. In our lives God knows how to fit everything together perfectly.

Rest in the assurance of his love.


Be still and know…. Psalm 46:10

Shirley Specht Johnson loves to share inspiration and encouragement through her writing.   She is a member of SCBWI and currently participating in 12X12. She shares a guest post once a month at Pause for Poetry on the Woven and Spun Blog. She shares moments of inspiration and her writing journey on her blog The Writer’s Steps .                                                            

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