BOOK REVIEW: “UNDONE – A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life” BY MICHELE CUSHATT

Open.           Honest.            Vulnerable.            Raw emotion.

Fear.    Faith.            Pain.   Peace.              Alone.   His Presence.

These characteristics and emotions are laid bare for all to see in Michele Cushatt’s book, “Undone.”

Michele has opened her life–and that of her family–to share her journey through raising teenagers, adopting three “littles” as she calls her little children, all while going through the big “C.”  Cancer. Cancer of the tongue. This for a woman whose career centers around speaking and teaching.

She writes of normal days and happier times. She shares about panic-stricken, fearful days when she could only cry out, “Help me, God. Please help me.”

In her journey, she learned many things about herself and about how God sees her. She tells of these lessons throughout the book:

In the relinquishing of independence, I discovered community. My brokenness gave me connection, relationship. I thought asking for help was an admission of weakness. Instead, I discovered it a declaration of independence.” 

“Our God is a refuge for the broken, not a shelf for the display of the shiny. No more pride for those who have it all together, or shame for those who don’t. Only stripped-bare humility, crowns on the ground. Together.”

“I learned that faith in the middle of the unknowns is the only real kind. And peace can’t be found in the past or the future, but only in a Person, and in whom you believe him to be, today.”

From the back of the book: “…that faith in the midst of the unknown is the only real kind of faith at all. It is her call for each of us to relinquish perfection and embrace what is. To lean in. Because right here, right now, in your own unfinished story with its missteps and misfortunes, there is peace. And there is Presence. Because sometimes life’s best stories are written right in the middle of the mess.” 

If you want to read a book that sugar coats life, this is not the book for you. But if you want to read about life “Undone,” and the faith that comes from that undone-ness, this is the book. It will change your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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