Is it – or isn’t it – God’s Will?

I think all of us as Christians have asked that question at least once if not more. I’ve asked this question for every major decision I’ve had to make and many lesser important decisions.

The first step in determining whether or not it’s God’s will is to pray. Seek Him and His answers. and be patient.

A friend of mine once shared that when she had absolute peace about her decision, she knew it was God’s will. Buf if she had one tiny reservation, she continued to pray to make sure God was saying “no.”

So what if you don’t get an answer? Or don’t think you hear His voice? Or you have one tiny reservation? Continue to pray and also seek His answer in His word. The Bible contains answers for everything we could possibly face. Ask God to show you His answer in His word.

And finally, if needed, seek confirmation from a trusted friend or your pastor. Ask them to pray and seek God’s answer on your behalf and then determine if their answer lines up with what you believe God is saying to you. If there is confirmation and you have peace, you have your answer. If there is not confirmation and you don’t have peace, you have your answer. If it’s not the answer you wanted or expected, you can rest assured that God had the perfect reason to say “no.” His reason may be that He has something far better in store for you. Or He is protecting you from something in that situation that would have been harmful to you and anyone else involved in your decision.

Remember the opportunity we talked about on Wednesday? The one you may think you missed? The one you can still turn around and embrace? Put that opportunity, and any ideas, plans–anything to this test and God will give you His answer.

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