FaceBook Friends

There are a lot of things about FaceBook that people don’t like. I’m not here today to debate the advantages and disadvantages of FaceBook. Whether you are “on” FB or not is up to you. I will say that I’ve “met” some wonderful people and formed friendships I would not have had if FB had not become so popular and widespread.

I joined a writers’ group when the group first formed, last December. Everyone in the group is talented and caring. I was privileged to meet some of the women this past spring as we had a regional writing retreat and made life-long friendships.

One of the friends I have made I’ve not had an opportunity to meet. Yet, we have become very good friends. When the writers group was first formed, we decided to be accountability partners. I believe that was a God-inspired decision. We’ve held each other accountable to our writing goals, yet we’ve also learned about each other and our families. She has listened to me and I have listened to her and we’ve prayed for each other. We’ve laughed together and I’ve secretly shed a few tears when we’ve talked.

Tamra Bolton has the wisdom of the Lord and she is an exhorter, a thinker, and an excellent writer.

This blog is an introduction to Tamra. Next week, I will share a stop-in-your-tracks, thought-provoking comment that she shared with me recently. You don’t want to miss it!

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