Answered Prayers

“You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus.” (Ephesians 4:19 The Message)

Have you ever prayed for something, believing with your whole heart, that God will answer in the affirmative, or give you what you want? You pray and believe and nothing happens. You pray harder and believe more and nothing happens. And you may even wonder if God is listening.

I don’t believe this is in the scriptures, but I’ve always heard that if it seems your prayers are not being answered, God is working “behind the scene” to manifest the answer. Perhaps you’ve been praying for years for relatives or friends who do not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Or perhaps you’ve been asking God to give you your dream job. Maybe you’ve begun to wonder if God will ever answer these prayers. But what you don’t realize is God is working behind the scene, preparing people to come into the lives of your family and friends to witness to them of God’s great love for them, so much so that He gave His most precious Son to die for their sins so that they may live a life abundant here on earth and a life eternal in heaven. Or He has that dream job waiting for you and everything you are going through now professionally is preparing you for that dream job.

There are two points to my rambling today: #1) We have to have faith and trust that God will answer our prayers in His timing and in His way. Which brings me to #2) we cannot “put God in a box.” In other words, we cannot tell Him how to answer our prayers or how we think He should answer them or when we think He should answer them. He is a creative God and may answer our prayers in ways that we never dreamed or imagined. His ways are always better than our ways. And His timing is always better than ours. He holds our future in His hands and we are safe.

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