Sin = Rebellion Part Three

Last week I started what I thought would be one post on sin and rebellion. As you can see, it has evolved into three posts. If you missed the first two posts, go into the archives for July and read the first two. Hopefully, that will help make sense of this last post.

We’ve been talking about sin – that every sin is an act of rebellion. I have been taking a long look at my life and have realized that I am strong, independent, rebellious woman. So how do I keep my personality but give up the rebellion?

Let me say, first of all, I am not criticizing independent, strong women. But when we find our strength within ourselves, or our knowledge, or our job, and not from GOD, we are finding it in the wrong places. And when our independence is not grounded in being dependent upon God for all things, we are truly not independent.

So the answer to my question “So how do I keep my personality but give up the rebellion?” is quite easy.

First, I need to repent and ask God’s forgiveness for my rebellion – my sins. Second, I need to draw my strength from God and God alone. Not my job or my knowledge or even my husband. Third, I need to become truly dependent upon God for everything – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. When I do these things consistently, and prayerfully, my personality begins to become irrelevant, because, in my obedience to God, I am becoming more Christ-like. And that is, after all, the best personality a Christian can have.

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