Baptism is a Celebration

This blog was originally posted on September 16, 2013. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did as I re-read it. Blessings!

There are many different views and beliefs about baptism. It is a subject that even some Christians are not confident in discussing. If you “Googled” the word “baptism” I’m sure you would find hundreds of sites explaining baptism as they–the authors and/or sponsors of the site–understand it. Some sites are probably right, some wrong, and some partially right and partially wrong, Far be it from me to judge these sites and issue an edict as to who is right and wrong. But I will share my thoughts on baptism with you (hang with me – I’m going somewhere with this.)

From the Cowgill Personal Opinion Dictionary: Baptism is a public acknowledgment of a privately made decision to repent of your sins, acknowledge God’s forgiveness and accept Him into your heart. It is a visual representation of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

But it’s also a celebration. As Pastor Tim Riordan, Senior Pastor of SonRise Church, stated yesterday, it is a celebration of what God has done for us, a celebration of a new life, a new beginning.

Yesterday was a glorious day of celebration as my husband of eight years, 363 days was baptized. Dave became a Christian many years ago and was “sprinkled.” But when Pastor Tim talked to us  a few weeks ago about baptism by immersion (no discussion here on the differences between immersion and sprinkling), Dave was ready to be baptized right then. It was a wonderful thing to watch yesterday as Dave gave his profession of faith and Pastor Tim took him under the water and brought him back up out of the water. The smile on Dave’s face was brighter than that of a child on Christmas morning. He exuded this confidence, yet remained humble as later he told me that as soon as he was out of sight of the congregation, he began to cry and was unable to stop for a few minutes. This gentle, ordinary man had been touched by the Divine and something extraordinary happened in his heart and in his life. He will never be the same.

It was also a glorious day of celebration as all my family were there to witness this occasion. My daughter, Kim and her boyfriend, Steven, my son Kyle and his fiance Angela, my grandson, Mack, my sister, Marie and her husband, Don, and the other most important man in my life, my dad. How it blessed me and Dave, who didn’t know they were coming, to have all of them there.

I want to encourage you if you’ve never been baptized to talk to your pastor and have him baptize you. It is an experience and a celebration that will change your life forever. Believe me, I know. I watched it happen yesterday.

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