God’s Interventions and Changes

How many times have we made plans, believing it was the right thing to do, only to have something happen that completely changes those plans? Or how many times have we agreed to follow another person’s advice, but again, something happens that changes that person’s advice – or changes our mind about following that advice? Sometimes, we look at these changes in our plans as a minor aggravation, but often times, those changes can be major disappointments. And for many of us, or perhaps I should keep this personal, and say “for me,” I see those disruptions in plans as part of everyday life. If I’m trying to be “spiritual” sometimes I’ll give credit to the enemy, thinking to myself “he’s trying to stop me from doing God’s work.” But what if it’s not everyday life or the enemy? What if those changes in plans are God ordained changes?

If you’ve read my two most recent blogs, you will know that my husband is going through a very serious medical issue. A few weeks ago we were informed that part of his right lung would have to be removed due to a benign tumor blocking a portion of that airway. Although we were nervous and frightened, we wanted to get this surgery done as quickly as possible so that Dave could begin on the road to recovery.

The night before Dave was to report to surgery, the thoracic surgeon called and asked both of us to get on the phone. He explained to us that due to a test result he had just received that day, he was not going to perform the surgery. There was a possiblity that he would have to remove more of Dave’s lung than originally thought, and he was not willing to do that. Now, don’t misunderstand me. We were and remain extremely grateful for his caution and refusal to do the surgery. But for a few hours, we were very disappointed. Dave has felt bad for so long, that we were excited to think that the surgery would be the beginning of his healing. After prayer, talking with each other and talking with a number of people who had been praying for Dave, we realized that this change in plans was God’s way of intervening in this situation. But until we met with a second thoracic surgeon the other day, I had no idea what God’s intervention could mean to us.

It seems there’s a possibility there is no tumor. This doctor seems to think it’s possible that what is being seen on the CAT scan is pneumonia. But fungal pneumonia, not bacterial pneumonia. If it is fungal pneumonia, that can be treated with medication and NO surgery will be required! This doctor also errs on the side of caution and will be running a battery of tests, but has already begun treating Dave for fungal pneumonia. What a miracle it will be if no surgery is required!

What a lesson learned it has already been! I must be more spiritually “in tune” – discerning – about those things that happen in every day life. And I should be so ready to move ahead unless I know that I know that I know it is God who is saying “Do this, or go there.”As the scripture says, “But they that wait upon the Lord…” Or as my sweet hubby says, “Go with the flow.”  Selah.

2 thoughts on “God’s Interventions and Changes”

  1. Edwina, I would like to contact you to see if you would like a free copy of Shadowed in Silk. If you would like this, please email me at the following. I've spelled out my email for you.Christine (dot) d (dot) schmidtke (at) gmail (dot) comThanks again for your kind comment on Sandy Ardoin's blog today.

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