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A Modern Day Job? (as in Biblical Person – not Work)

Originally posted May 5, 2011

Have you ever felt like Murphy’s Law was developed just for you? That no matter how hard you try, if anything and everything can go wrong, it will?

Or perhaps you feel like God has decided to replicate the life of Job (See Old Testament, page 610 in my Bible) in your life or in the life of someone you love. I have decided that God has done just that in my sweet hubby – replicate the life of Job in a modern day version.

Four years ago tomorrow, Dave, my hubby, came home from a business trip with back, right hip and right leg pain. That pain continues today. Yep, you got it. 24/7/365 Unrelenting. Pain. Never. Painfree. But Dave has continued to work, to laugh and joke and to push on. Even when he thought he could not go on.

Besides the back/hip/leg pain, Dave has had other issues involving areas of the skeleton. Two elbow surgeries, two wrist surgeries, two neck surgeries. One hip surgery. All within the last four years.

Are you getting the picture here? The skeleton is the frame of the human body. It is what everything else in the body is either directly or indirectly attached to. Without the skeleton, the body would be a big blob of cells and organs rolling around aimlessly. (The body would have to roll – with no leg bones, it couldn’t very well walk, could it?) Just like the skeleton provides the framework for the body, so is the husband – he is the framework – the backbone – of the marriage and home. It’s part of who God created him to be and the enemy knows that. So he will often attack the husband physically – and with my husband – he went straight to one of the most important parts of the body.

The enemy was not finished with Dave. In October of last year, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. After four rounds of antibiotics, Dave is still sick. A tumor has been found in the lower lobe of his right lung, and sometime within the next week or two, that lobe will have to be removed. The spiritual implications here are obvious. With our lungs, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out poisonous carbon dioxide. With our spiritual lungs, we breathe in the Word of God and breathe out the poisons of this world. If the enemy can stop us –  especially our husbands – from breathing in the Word of God – he will do so. The less Word breathed in, the more poison enters and stays in the body.

I’ve rambled on here not because I want to complain. Not even because I want to tell you how awesome my husband is – even though he is. Dave never has a day when he feels really great. Yet, he’s still pushing forward, working when he can, laughing and joking. He’s never once complained against God. (I’m afraid I can’t say the same for me.)

Stay tuned for Part Two, Friday, June 12

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