Put God First: Follow Him

*Today’s devotion was written in 2010 during the Lenten Season.

And he said unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. (Matt. 4: 19 King James Version)

As I write this devotion, it is the season of Lent. Many believers “give up” something for Lent – chocolate, TV, sodas – something they consider a sacrifice because it is something they love, perhaps too much. Perhaps it is something that prevents them from following God totally and completely. Jesus said, “Follow me.” How can we follow Him when there is something in our own lives that keeps us from putting God first?


Dear God, help us to look at our lives, not just during Lent, but every day, to see if there is anything that prevents us from following you more closely. May we draw closer to you with every indrawn breath and with our outward breaths, may we sing your praises. In Your most precious name, Amen.


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