Book Review: “Echoes of Edinburgh”

For the last several months I have been pushing through on my own book and have not read anything except other people’s blogs occasionally. This past weekend I took the weekend off from writing and decided to rest and read. I have several books that I have told the authors I would read and write a review and I’ve been terribly remiss in doing so. For that, I publicly apologize.

JoAnn Durgin is one of those authors. I love JoAnn’s books. All of her books are well-written, beautifully descriptive, and always with a Christian message. “Echoes of Edinburgh” was up to JoAnn’s high standards and did not disappoint this reader.

Set in the beautiful capital city of Scotland, the descriptions of the scenery take the reader to Scotland. Using actual sites and vistas, it’s almost as if the reader were there with the hero and heroine.

And what a hero Harrison “Harry” is in the book. He is the consummate romantic, always the right gestures, the right words at the right time, yet very respectful. Such a gentleman!

The story moves quickly and yet with a gentle romance blossoming on almost every page. The love story will keep one reading into the wee hours, as does the plot. There’s just enough mystery woven through the story to keep one reading to find out who is the “Kentucky Woman.” And that’s all I’ll say about the story – you’ll need to read it for yourself!

All of Ms. Durgin’s books have a Christian message. After all, that’s what Christian romance authors write about. Her messages are encouraging and uplifting.

On a scale of one to five stars, I give “Echoes of Edinburgh” six stars.

Echoes of Edinburgh

1 thought on “Book Review: “Echoes of Edinburgh””

  1. Thanks so much, Edwina! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Shelby and Harrison’s adventures in Scotland. Blessings and thanks again for reading my books and the lovely review.

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