This blog was originally posted on August 12, 2009


Last Wednesday I blogged about being burned out – totally and completely. God led me to the Song of Solomon, 1:4 as my theme verse for this time in my life: Take me away with you – let us hurry. Let the King bring me into His chambers. I am now on a leave of absence from all duties at my church. (For a full explanation, please read last Wednesday’s blog: “Take Me Away.”)

As I walk through this journey, I plan to blog about what God is showing me. I believe there are many things that God wants me to know and I think He wants me to share some of these truths with you. May He give us ears to hear, a mind to understand and a heart to receive what He will show us in the coming days.

This past week was the first week of my leave. I made an effort that was less than successful to spend more time with God. There are still many distractions, no matter what time of day I try to read His Word and pray. There is, of course, the TV with its’ siren call even at 3:00 in the morning. There is research yet to be done for my current WIP (Work in Progress) and there’s the actual work itself crying for attention. Even blogs, which I enjoy writing, can take up a lot of time. There is still dust on the furniture, laundry to be done and groceries to be bought.

It has become obvious to me that the first lesson I must learn during this leave is that I must be disciplined to not allow anything to take precedence over my time with God. After all, if I don’t spend time with Him, this journey will be one of circles. Never moving forward, but repeatedly going over the same ground.

2 thoughts on “LESSONS LEARNED: #1”

  1. Maureen,Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments! I can certainly understand your situation because if I was retired, I'd feel the same way – that I have "forever" to get things done!Thank you for your prayers too! Prayers are always welcomed and appreciated!Blessings,Edwina

  2. I can sympathize with you, Edwina. I'm now retired, and you can take it from one who's been there, done that, that it's very difficult trying to manage a family and a job, plus finding time to write. Since retirement I've curiously discovered that it can sometimes be even harder to find time to write when I have so much time on my hands. Why? Because of the notion that I have forever to get things done. Now I know better. My time with God is at 4:00 AM every morning when everyone is asleep. After all, if I get tired later in the day I can take a nap, can't I? Time management is difficult, but it can be done if we purposefully set time aside for what's important, even if it means getting up in the middle of the night to accomplish it! God bless you for your thoughts. You're in my prayers.

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