Abba Father, chest, heart, jewels

Body of Jewels

Some time ago, I dreamed about a chest, similar to a pirate’s chest, which was sitting on a table. The chest was stunning, made of rich mahogany wood and the hinges were shining, pure gold. Upon opening the chest, I discovered jewels of every kind and color imaginable. Deep red rubies, sky-blue aquamarines, sparkling diamonds, purple amethysts. Multi-colored opals, tigers’ eyes, onyx. Citrines, garnets, pearls and emeralds. There were rings, necklaces, broaches, earrings, bracelets and loose gems. The chest was so full that when I opened it, the jewels spilled out, cascading onto the table. Rays of sunlight splashed onto the jewels, making their colors even richer and sending fragments of rainbow colors over the table.

I believe this is how God looks at us – as a vessel, a chest, if you will – full of jewels. He looks at our heart and sees a sparkling blood-red ruby. Other than the diamond, the ruby is the hardest gem known to man. Natural rubies have imperfections in them, just like our hearts do. But when God looks at our heart, He doesn’t see the hardness or imperfections. He sees the strength of the heart, the power of the beat, both of which come from Him. He pours His love for us into our ruby hearts.

God looks at our lungs and because He breathes His life into us, he sees sparkling diamonds that are clear and pure. When diamonds are moved in the light, they become “alive” as the clarity – the clearness – refracts into multi-facets. As we breathe and move in Him who is alive within us, our lives should be clear and transparent so others can see Jesus in us.

When our Father looks into our eyes, He sees jewels of different colors – golden amber, brilliant aquamarine, emerald green, deep dark onyx. If the eyes are truly the window to our souls, as some say, just imagine the beauty God sees as He looks at our souls through our eyes.

You see, when God looks at you, He sees who He created you to be – not who you see when you look into the mirror. He doesn’t see the flaws you see – He sees your ruby heart of gentleness and kindness. He doesn’t see the lackluster of your diamond lungs – He sees you sharing Him when you gave that homeless man money for a meal. He doesn’t see the weaknesses in your soul – He sees His strength working in and through you. He doesn’t remember that sin you confessed because He cast it into the depths of the sea.

God sees each of us as a jewel – we are jewels in His eyes. And He considers us to be the Pearls of Great Price. God gave away His most precious possession, His Son, to purchase us – the Pearls of Great Price. He has placed a high price on you and on me because we are so valuable to Him. Pearls shine with a luster and glow and our lives, even our countenance, shines because of Who lives within us.

So when our Abba Father looks at us, He sees beauty, value and worth. He sees rubies, diamonds, emeralds and onyx. He sees jewels and the Pearls of Great Price. Because that is who we are to Him.






(c) 2008 Edwina E. Cowgill

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