On Health & Aging: A Semi-Humorous Look at What Our Bodies Do to Us

**For the next several months, I will be working every spare moment I have to complete my book and get it to the publisher. Someone suggested I go far back into the Archives and resurrect blogs I wrote in the past, which is what I’ll be doing. Today’s blog is most appropriate as I’m currently dealing with vertigo.**


Amazing how we take so many things for granted, isn’t it? In fact, is there anything we don’t take for granted? That we don’t assume will always be there when we need it?

Take, for example, our health. Don’t we assume that we will always be young, that our bodies will always work as if they were still twenty years old? And we live with this assumption, for the most part, until we hit 40, 45, or if we’re lucky, 50. But at the magic number—whatever that might be for each of us—things begin to fall apart—or off! We get tired more quickly, winded more easily and our eyesight gets dimmer. Instead of single lenses, we skip bi-fold and go straight to tri-fold lenses. To add insult to injury, our metabolism begins to slow down and it takes a year to lose five pounds when it only takes a month to gain ten. The first gray hairs call for an emergency visit to the hair salon. Bones begin to creak and illnesses we’ve never heard of—suddenly we have them!

The other day I was busy . . . doing whatever it was I was doing (the mind is the first to go!) when suddenly the room around me was spinning. More accurately—I was spinning—the room was not. What a weird sensation! In a few minutes, the spinning stopped so I blamed it on an overactive imagination (not to be confused with an overactive bladder—another joy of getting older) and went about doing . . . whatever I had been doing. But as the evening progressed, the spinning returned and I realized that something out of the ordinary was happening. The next morning off to my doctor I go. (I drove myself—a very dumb and dangerous thing to do. Do not try this at home.)

I have vertigo. Vertigo?? What the heck is that? She told me it’s basically dizziness due to inner or middle ear imbalances. (At least she didn’t say a brain imbalance!) So now in addition to the medicine for high cholesterol and a host of other problems, I am taking medication for this too!

Honestly, I could open my own pharmacy!

2 thoughts on “On Health & Aging: A Semi-Humorous Look at What Our Bodies Do to Us”

  1. *Love this.* *This is exactly the way it goes.* *I look at my parents past and yours also and I don’t ever remember them exercising, now that is all I hear and look at the age they lived to.*

    *I am exercising now and can’t hardly walk???*

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