The Everlasting Light



DaySpring recently partnered with (in)courage – an online Christian women’s group – to design a collection of beautiful jewelry. They titled the line “Everlasting Light.” I was blessed to be asked to select one piece of the collection, wear it and share about the piece with other women. I selected the Everlasting Light – Layered Shimmer Necklace.

     On the back of the necklace is engraved ‘Isaiah 60:20’, which states

. “Your sun will never set again,
    and your moon will wane no more;
the Lord will be your everlasting light,
    and your days of sorrow will end.”

     I have to confess until I received this necklace, I was not familiar with this verse. But as soon as I read it, the verse resonated within me.

     My family and I have been through so much these last few years, as I’m sure many of you and your families have as well.

    Our troubles began about six years ago when my husband began experiencing back/hip/leg pain. As I write this, he continues to be in pain 24/7/365. He has seen specialists, pain management doctors, the best doctors at one of the major medical institutes in America. No help. No relief. He has been prayed for, anointed with oil and prayed for. People around the world have prayed for him. People who don’t even know one another, much less my precious husband, have been brought together for one cause—to pray for Dave’s healing.Yet he remains in constant pain. I’ve asked God “why?” And I’ve gotten no answer. Yet, God’s light has shone through this situation as Dave and I have learned to lean on God and trust Him even when we don’t understand.

    My mother had not been in good health for many months and she passed away on August 20, 2013. She was buried on the 23rd, one day before my parents’ 67th wedding anniversary. God’s light guided us through this time as we grieved. But His light was also demonstrated through the many people who came to visitation and shared with us what my mom had meant to them. Some recalled her teaching them in Sunday School when they were young children, others shared how they enjoyed visiting my parents in years past and how much they loved my mom’s cooking and baking. Still others recalled how blessed they were by the tributes to their loved ones who had passed away that my mom wrote and read in church.

    Six months and five days later my dad passed. He wasn’t in the best of health but we didn’t expect him to die. Again, God’s light illuminated the way as we made plans for the funeral and walked through the days and months of grief. And yet again, we were blessed by the memories that our friends and family shared with us during visitation.

    I share these various times in my life to show that God’s light is with us all the time. We may not sense it. We may not even see it when we are in a place that is so dark we wonder if we will ever come out of that place and into His light.

    Be assured, we do.

     And when we walk out of that place of darkness, we are overwhelmed by the beauty of the Light.

     He is the Light that is never extinguished.