Book Review: The Yuletide Angel Sandra Ardoin, Author

There is nothing better to put you in the holiday spirit than to read a book that takes place during the Christmas season. But you don’t have to wait until December to read a wonderful holiday novella.

The Yuletide Angel written by Sandra Ardoin, is a delightful story set during December, 1890. You will adore shy, timid Violet, and you will champion her because by the end of the story, she finds her true voice and becomes a woman of strength and dignity. And you will fall in love with Hugh who owns the grocery store in town, but all he wants to own is Violet’s heart.

This book is only 108 pages and I read it in just under two hours. But packed in those 108 pages is such encouragement, selflessness, giving spirits and loving hearts, that you will feel wonderful long after you finish reading The Yuletide Angel. And you will understand that this story—and the season–is all about giving to those in need.


The Yuletide Angel hits the bookstores in just a few days – October 15. I would encourage you to pre-order a copy because this book will not stay on the shelves very long. You can also get the book online or from the publisher at http://heritagebeaconfiction.com. And if you’d like to get to know Sandra better and find out more about this book, visit her website at http://sandraardoin.com.




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