Book Review: A Bouquet of Love

Janice Thompson excels at writing romantic comedy based on wedding themes. She is a wedding planner, thus she knows from what she speaks. Her latest romantic comedy is “A Bouquet of Love,” and it ranks at the top with the other wedding-themed books written by Ms. Thompson.

Brief Summary: Cassia Pappas’ father moves his family from Santa Cruz, California to Galveston Island to open a Greek restaurant. He finds the perfect property across the street from the best pizza place in Texas. Let the war for customers begin. Meanwhile, Cassia accepts a part-time position at the florist down the street without her father’s knowledge or permission. There she meets Alex. Let the romance begin.

Janice has the ability to “write” her characters into real life. You will love getting to know the Pappas and Rossi families, and of course, Cassia and Alex. They just might remind you of a family member (several) that you know quite well.

Full of comedy and mix-ups, mayhem and romance, “A Bouquet of Love” is a delight to read.

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