Adventures on the High Sea!

I have just finished reading The Long Way Home, the debut novel of author Judah Knight. 

When you read the book it will be obvious why the author chose the title, The Long Way Home. The story is about the hero and heroine taking the “long way home.” Had Mr. Knight desired a subtitle, “The Long Way Home: Adventures on the High Seas” would have captured the complete story. The hero and heroine, Jon and Meg,encountered a myriad of circumstances while on the seas. A 17th century shipwrecked Spanish galleon, the discovery of gold, worth thousands of dollars, dangers of the sea world and terrorists delayed their trip over and over. These same circumstances will keep you up reading late into the night as the suspense builds from page to page and from chapter to chapter. 

There is romance involved as Jon and Meg renew a friendship that was formed prior to their marriage to their spouses. Now both spouses are deceased, but neither Jon nor Meg are interested in anything more than friendship. As you will discover, God had a better plan..

This book will appeal to male readers who are Vince Flynn fans and it will appeal to women who enjoy reading Christian romance. (Men, there’s not so much romance, so don’t let that turn you away!)

I enjoyed reading this book and I understand from Mr. Knight that a sequel is coming. I can’t wait!

 The Long Way Home


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