Arnold Palmer – Not the Man, Nor the Drink, But the Cake

My mother was a wonderful baker. When I was growing up, most Saturdays by the time I got out of bed, she had her cake layers – made from scratch, of course – cooked and they cooled while she went to the “beauty parlor.” When she came home, the icing (we didn’t call it frosting way back then) was made and she “iced” the cake. My sister inherited all of my mother’s domestic genes – I got all of my dad’s administrative genes. Ask me to organize anything, and it shall be done. Ask me to bake anything–you need to call my sister.

So it may come as a great surprise that today, Sunday, July 27, 2014, I made a cake. From scratch. And I have the pictures to prove it.

For those of you who are not from the South, you’ve probably not heard of the Arnold Palmer drink. It’s sweet tea and lemonade. Some folks drink it 50% sweet tea and 50% lemonade. I prefer mine a little more like 75% to 25%.

By now I’m sure you think I’ve lost my mind – going from cake to Arnold Palmer to sweet tea and lemonade. But truly I haven’t. Well, mostly I haven’t. I found this recipe in the the August issue of Southern Living. It’s called Sweet Tea and Lemonade Cake. I call it the Arnold Palmer Cake, for short. So, you see, I was makin’ sense. Mostly.

So the recipe is copyrighted or some such nonsense so you’ll have to buy your own copy of Southern Living (right smart of them ladies to copyright that recipe so’s you gotta go buy it) to get the recipe. But let me tell you, it’s worth every penny and then some to get that recipe.

Now, I’m not too good at picture taking, but I’m gonna try to attach a few to prove to you I really did bake a cake. You probably should save this blog, because Lord only knows when I might bake another cake. Or bake anything, for that matter.

I’m off to have some cake now. Oh yeah, one more thing…it’s really good with fresh, home made peach ice cream!