Happy Mother’s Day

Unless you live on a deserted island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, you must know that today is Mother’s Day. Retail stores and websites have advertised their Mother’s Day specials since the day after Valentine’s Day. In years past, I never paid attention to the hoop-la. I knew I had to buy a gift and card. This year, there is no purchase necessary. My mother passed in August of last year. This will be mine and my sister’s first Mother’s Day without her.

I’ve thought all week about what I want to do today and came up with several scenarios: 1) stay in bed all day reading, writing, maybe watching some old movies; 2) going away for the weekend with my sweet hubby; 3) going to the local bookstore with my laptop and writing all day, 4) having my kids come over and spending quality time with them. Anything to avoid the grief and pain that I know is coming. I know it’s coming because I saw my mother go through it when her mother passed.

The first year after my grandmother passed was very difficult for my mother, and it didn’t get much easier as the years went by. She would begin to dread Mother’s Day weeks in advance. She didn’t have to say much–the dread and sadness covered her like a blanket. She would stay depressed for several weeks after Mother’s Day. This went on for so many years that I wanted to say to her, “Mom, I understand your grief and pain. But you have two daughters who need you and love you and grandchildren that want your attention.” I am so glad I never made that stupid remark. I had no idea of the grief she was experiencing. Until now . . .

So for those of you who are blessed to still have your mother living, buy that special gift that she will probably put away for a rainy day. If she lives close, be with her today. Enjoy your time together. Love on her. If she lives too far away to be with her physically, call her and spend hours on the phone with her.

If your mother is no longer here, grieve. Grieve however you need to grieve to help you through the day. And know that there are two sisters grieving right along beside you. But most importantly, know that there is One Father who grieves with you. He bore your sorrows, your grief, on the cross when He was crucified. Isaiah 53:4 in the King James version says “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.” Let Him carry you through this day!

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