A Legend Among Men

A legend among men has left us. He was not a famous athlete, rock star or actor. In the world at large, he was not well known. Most of you reading this blog will not recognize his name. Small in stature, he was a gentle giant of a man, who loved God with all his heart and served Him with all his strength. 

Bishop John William Holloway walked – dare I say ran – through the gates of Heaven on Saturday, February 22, 2014. He ran on two legs, completely healed and whole. There was, I’m sure, great rejoicing and Bishop John’s voice (he was never known for his quiet worship) rang out above all the heavenly hosts. I can picture in my mind’s eye Bishop John running towards the throne of God and I see God standing up, and receiving Bishop John in His outstretched arms, saying “Well done! Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter now into the joy of My Kingdom.” (from Matthew 25:21; interpretation, mine.)

I first met Bishop John in the early-to-mid nineties.when he came to the church where I was employed at that time. He had an appointment with the Senior Pastor and as they left for lunch, I was invited to go with them. Not being one to turn down a free lunch, I said “Yes” and off we went. I was so impressed with Bishop’s warmth and sincerity. He had a wonderful sense of humor and the most delightful, infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.  He was the kind of man who never met a stranger, reaching out to everyone who even glanced his way. By the time we left the restaurant, he knew our waitress’s name, and a little of her background and she had received an invitation to come to Thomaston on Sunday to church. 

There were many times over the next decade when I was privileged to hear him preach, receive his counsel and accept his blessings. He always listened intently, prayed mightily and spoke the truth frankly, but in love.  

He will be greatly missed.


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