The Back-story to my God-sized Dream

My back-story has everything to do with my God-sized dream. Everything I’ve gone through, from the time I was an infant until today, has made me the woman that I am. There is nothing I’ve gone through that God has not taken and used it to grow me spiritually, emotionally, to bring me to my place as His daughter. It hasn’t been easy–nothing this wonderful ever is.

I knew rejection from the womb and that theme of rejection wove itself throughout my life until the day I finally understood and comprehended in my heart that there is One who will never, ever reject me. 

I have known love–the supportive, encouraging, unquestioning love of my husband. And I’ve known love that was controlling, manipulative, smothering, and understood that was not love at all. I know the love of a Father that is unconditional, extravagant, reckless. And healing. A love that pours its healing power into open wounds until the wounds are healed and no scars are left to remind me of the cause of the wound. 

I’ve known the darkness of depression so deep that I couldn’t see beyond the next minute. I know the Son – the Source of Light and Peace. It is a peace that “passes all understanding.”

These things, and more, have led me to the desire of my heart and my God-sized dream: to share the heart of God with the hearts of women through writing, speaking, teaching and counseling. The dream continues to unfold and wherever it takes me, God will be my Guide.


10 thoughts on “The Back-story to my God-sized Dream”

  1. Edwina,
    May God continue to bless your dreams-it’s time to soar. What a blessing to find community where we are all seeking God;s face and seeking to do His Will. I’m looking forward to your dreams being realized, in Jesus’ name,

    1. Chelle,
      I love your name! It reminds me of the “shells” that, as kids, we could put up to our ear and swear we could hear the ocean! Chelle, I believe as people listen to you and read your words, they hear the voice of God. Be of courage!


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