My One Word

Several years ago a new “craze” hit the pages and posts of Facebook. The premise of this latest trend was to select one word that would be your “theme” for that year. Obviously, for Christians, we were to pray and ask God to reveal the word He wanted us to have. We were to think about the word and incorporate it into our daily lives as much as possible. I went along with this trend and although nice, it wasn’t a life-changing move for me.

Early in December, before anyone had posted their ‘word’ for 2014 on FaceBook, I began to think about my ‘word’ for the coming year, and I wondered how this trend started. I researched and discovered Mike Ashcraft who started this movement at the church he cofounded and serves as Senior Pastor, Port City Community Church. You can listen to him talk about the My One Word project, read about the book he wrote, coauthored by Rachel Olsen, and get much more information on the website, http://myoneword.org/

I ordered the book, “My One Word,” have barely gotten started and already can see how this book and its premise can change lives. When I finish reading it, I’ll write a proper review and post it, along with my ‘one word.

If you’ve never tried this idea, why not make 2014 the year to select one word to focus on this year? After all, it can’t hurt, and just might change your life!

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