Book Review: Catching Serenity

Author, JoAnn Durgin, has another best seller in her latest book, “Catching Serenity.” Striking a perfect balance between intrigue and romance, the story immediately captivates the readers’ attention with a cryptic note sent to the heroine, Serenity, by person or persons unknown. With every chapter, the reader is drawn more into the characters’ lives and the mystery that surrounds them. We are not only attracted to the characters because of the mysterious plot, but also because of their attributes.  A heroine who is strong, yet vulnerable, a mother who will sacrifice everything for her family, a stoic father,  and a hero, Jackson, who is protective and loyal, are the characters you will love long before the story’s end.

As the mystery builds, so does the romance. This part of the balance is written so well that one’s heart dips and soars along with Serenity’s. The reader experiences the love that Jackson has for Serenity, and as their relationship falters, one may even get a little teary-eyed. 

The lives of the hero and heroine are also used to point the reader to God’s unconditional love for each of us, his forgiveness, mercy and grace.  

If you love to read Christian romance, you will love this book! 



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