My Ah-Ha Moment of Comfort

**This post was written on August 14, 2013

It is deja vu all over again. Many times in early 2012, I sat in the Emergency Room, waiting and praying, as my mother was treated for congestive heart failure. If she was admitted, I would sit in her room, watching and praying.

Tonight, I sit in my sister’s family room, waiting and praying. But, it’s different now. After being sick for so long, my mother’s passing draws closer. The hospice nurse says tonight, tomorrow, the weekend or next week.

My sister just commented, “It’s hard to believe we are sitting here, doing this.” (“This” is looking at casket sprays.) And she is right–it is hard to believe.

As we grow up, we never think about our parents growing older and dying. Even in our thirty’s, forty’s and fifties, we still do not think about the death of our parents. Certainly, it’s not a subject we want to dwell on until we are faced with the actual fact. And when that fact slams into us with the force of a hurricane, our entire system–physical, emotional and mental–becomes paralyzed when we realize we are about to lose a parent.

My parents 68th wedding anniversary is just a few days away on Saturday, the 24th of this month. Can you imagine? Losing someone you had loved and built a life with for 68 years?

My dad said earlier this evening, “There’s nothing easy about this, is there?” No, Daddy, there isn’t. Except for one thing.

I received a word from the Lord a few weeks ago at a conference called She Speaks 2013. This conference is sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries; this was my third time attending. Each year, one of the staff members of P31 prays over each woman who has registered, asking God to name one of His characteristics that He wants the woman to know about and/or experience. Once the staff member hears from God, the women’s names are placed on tables in the prayer room by the characteristics of God which has been revealed for them. The women are encouraged to find their name and learn what characteristic God wants them to know. My name was beside Comforter. Here is what the note said:

       “In the midst of sorrow, He comforts. The Lord longs to heal your broken places, where you are weak and weary.

He will restore His lasting peace in the depths of your being.

Jeremiah 8:18; Isaiah 61:2-3

What a wonderful Ah-ha moment – to be reminded that I – and my family – do not have to go through this alone, with no Comfort or Peace.

So, yes Daddy, this is hard. But we have the Great Comforter with us. The One who bore all our sorrows on the cross. We are not alone.

If you are going through any situation that is grievous to you, I pray that God will be your Comforter and His all-encompassing Peace will surround you and keep your heart through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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