Bike Riding Anyone? By Jayme Hull Lately,

Bike Riding Anyone?

By Jayme Hull


Lately, God and I have been discussing my need to control things. I read that a control freak never enjoys life. Woah! What a wake-up call. The one thing I treasure is experiencing joy and enjoying life. The second thing I treasure is sharing my joy with family and the women I mentor. God gave me a couple visuals that have been very helpful in dealing with this struggle. I thought I’d share them with you as well.

Consider the visual of riding a tandem bike. Of course, if you’re a leader you love sitting in the front. But God shared with me that He wants that seat. Am I willing to sit in the back seat and allow God to take control? Lately, this is the classroom I’ve been in with God. He teaches me how to give up control on a daily basis. I’m trying to learn and move on to the next lesson.

At times it seems I am not moving so I ask God, “why?”. In God’s goodness He showed me another visual.

Picture getting into your car on the passenger side and clicking on the seatbelt, ready to go wherever God desires. Many times I think I’ve given things over to God but I’m still not moving.

While sitting in the garage I reached into my pocket and realized that I had kept the keys to the car. No wonder I’m not moving. I told God to take control but secretly, I kept the keys. It is amazing, how patient God is with me. The lessons I am learning from Him are the exact messages I share with the women I mentor on a daily basis.

I’m learning slowly day by day that it is time for me to hand it, all over to God and share these God experiences with others.

Do you need to hand God your car, the driver’s seat and the keys?

Today is a new day and God can handle being in control of your life.

Jayme Hull Bio:

Jayme’s ministry is focused on mentoring others with a clear and strong biblical foundation. She is a graduate of New York University, and currently a Bible Study teacher, piano teacher and mentor to numerous women of all ages. She and her husband, John, currently live in Nashville, TN. Visit Jayme at: www.jaymeleehull.com/.

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