Life-Changing Devotions

New York Times best selling author Lysa TerKeurst has written another best seller in “Unglued – Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.” She has followed up that book with an accompanying devotional “Unglued Devotional – 60 Days of Imperfect Progress.”

    Sixty days of devotions which speak to women whether one is single, married, a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, an empty-nester. There is something in each of the devotions for all of us. Just read some of these chapter titles:

    Day 1: Time for a New Script

    Day 5: Self-Control

    Day 16: Condemnation vs. Conviction

    Day 33: I’m Really Afraid

    Day 44: When There Isn’t a Place for the Wedding Portrait

    Day 60: No More Unglued Mama Mornings


    This devotional—as all of Lysa’s books—is written as if she is sitting at your kitchen table, sharing a cup of tea and talking with you. The devotions are realistic, perhaps written from her experiences. Written with empathy, you immediately realize that she understands where you are at the moment, where you’ve been and even where you may be headed.

    Each day’s devotion begins with a Scripture, a Thought for the Day and ends with a heartfelt prayer. Because every woman is busy, the devotions are short and only take a few minutes time to read. If you read it in the early morning, you can think about it as you move through your day,

    I would encourage every woman reading this review to purchase both books “Unglued” and “Unglued Devotional.” If you must choose only one, buy “Unglued Devotional.” I personally believe it will change your life.