I’ve never thought of myself as an ungrateful person. I’ve been blessed by many people who have done many things for me and/or my family. I try to always thank those who help me, especially people in what I sometimes consider “thankless” jobs, or jobs where they are not often appreciated – retail, restaurant wait staff, tax collectors…you get the picture.

These last few weeks, however, my gratitude has turned into complaints, because of several situations that I have not handled well–even though there was nothing I could do to change those situations. The more time that passed, the complaints grew more frequent and the gratitude was less.  Until yesterday…

Yesterday I read the below post on a friend’s FaceBook page and was reminded again of how truly blessed I am. There are so many people who are experiencing things far worse than what I can even imagine. The young lady who wrote this post is a nurse and has been working in New York and the surrounding area for a number of weeks, helping the surviviors of Hurricane Sandy. My comments are below her post:

“Leaving NYC tomorrow, and am thankful I’ll be home for Thanksgiving with family. After working here among aged, displaced evacuees, I can’t express my sadness for their plight. These people were so grateful for every little thing we did for them–the smallest of favors. We also saw some decompensation of patients’ chronic medical conditions, and had to send some emergently to the hospital, so it’s good we are here.

Medical professionals aren’t supposed to bond with their charges, but sometimes it’s just impossible not to. I especially fell in love with an 80-year-old lady named Dorothy, who I wanted to sneak into my luggage and bring home with me (she would’ve fit, too). Yesterday the Armory where they were sheltered was closed, and they were sent by school bus to a flop house hotel to await return to their assisted living facility, which isn’t that great either. It was hard to let them go. And here I am a few miles away in Manhattan surrounded by luxurious penthouses, neon lights and lots of bling. I’m praying for them constantly.Will be taking in some sights today and fly home to family, friends and church family tomorrow. It will be good to be home again. Thanks for everyone’s prayers. Please add Dorothy to them.
Will get back to you all soon.”

My comment:
  • This was so humbling to me. I’m hanging my head in shame. I’ve spent the last several days complaining because of several situations that have caused me to be inconvenienced. How trivial & stupid are my problems compared to others. Thank you, JoAnn & Erin for the reminder to be grateful for all of God’s blessings and to not complain over the trivial stuff – or anything else.
    And, thank you God for forgiveness and for every single blessing You have given me – even when I’m ungrateful.
    I pray that each of you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

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