Book Review: Everyday Matters Bible for Women

As a busy woman, with a hectic schedule that never seems to slow down, I am always looking for ways to save time. Yet, I also know I need quiet time—time to read my Bible, gain wisdom and grow in my daily walk with God. I have found exactly what I need in Everyday Matters Bible for Women.

Interpreted as the New Living Translation, the Bible includes more than three hundred instructional and inspirational pieces written by well known Christian authors and speakers. These devotions relate to the twenty-four spiritual disciplines prayerfully chosen by the editorial team as practices that all women can easily work into their everyday life. To assist with finding the individual disciplines within the Bible, each has a corresponding icon. The devotions are placed immediately after a referenced scripture.

There are four types of features that provide insights and reflections regarding the individual spiritual practices: Everyday Matters, Everyday Profiles, Everyday Q&A’s and Everyday Reflections.

Other helpful features include a comprehensive index of the spiritual disciplines listed in alphabetical order with the related devotions and scripture references divided into the four categories mentioned above. This is an invaluable reference tool in the readers’ study time.

Part of the introduction includes this sentence: “The purpose of Everyday Matters Bible for Women is to help women use spiritual disciplines to make their everyday life fuller, richer, and deeper.” The editorial team has succeeded in meeting this goal.

If women are looking for a comprehensive Bible that includes teachings and devotions applicable to their daily lives, this is the Bible they need.

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