My Sanctuary

Finally. Cooler weather. My 24/7 hot flashes are down to about 18/7. I was actually cold enough this morning to put on sweats. My husband thought I was sick and wanted to take my temperature. How I do love autumn in the South.

This past Sunday, it was cool enough for me to sit on my back porch, which is the politically correct term in the South for patio, lanai, outdoor living room and any other term used by those not privileged to live in the South. Here it’s a porch, but it’s also my escape, my quiet place.

Sunday was no exception to the peacefulness and quietness. Except for the twittering of small birds, the squawking of larger birds and the snickering of squirrels. But those were pleasant sounds – sounds of God’s creatures scavenging and storing food for the cold winter months.

The wind flowed softly through the trees. My back yard and the property next to my house are full of mature, very tall trees. Oaks, maples, pine and one glorious magnolia tree that reigns over the back yard is if it was the queen. The deep emerald green magnolia leaves have graced many fall tables and Christmas decorations in my home.

Some of the leaves have started to change color. From the palest to the deepest green, leaves are now appearing in pale yellows, vibrant golds, flashing oranges and fiery reds.

Pale sunlight filters through the tree limbs and reflects off my butterfly wind chime, which twirls slowly in the breeze.

It is here—my back porch, my sanctuary—that I retreat to restore quiet to my soul.

Where do you go?

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